Inspired by the Jane Collective, TxtJane is a free and confidential delivery service through which Loyola students within a couple block radius of campus can order                                              external and internal condoms, lube, etc. for delivery on our designated night of operation. 

Distribution- Lauren.jpg

How does it work?

TxtJane is in operation Wednesdays from 5 PM to 10 PM. Text us at (872)-302-7754 with the products you'd like to request. The Jane on duty for that night will respond and coordinate your delivery.

SRJ does not record the names of those requesting deliveries and keeps all deliveries confidential. Our Jane's reserve the right to refuse any delivery based on concerns for safety or if language is used that does not align with our mission for a consensual, sex-positive environment.  

TxtJane Radius.png

Where do we deliver?

This is an approximate map of the area in which our Jane's will make deliveries. If you live outside of this range, a suggestion would be to coordinate a delivery before you leave campus on Friday's or try to make it to one of our distributions. 

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