Pads & Tampons Campaign

As a first step towards working collaboratively with the administration of Loyola University Chicago,  a proposal was submitted to the Student Innovation Fund. This proposal outlined our research and proposed budgets for Loyola to begin providing free pads and tampons in on-campus restrooms. 

What Progress Has been made?

Marking the first major success of an SRJ initiative, the Student Innovation Fund has funded our Pads & Tampon Campaign for a trial semester. At the end of the Spring 2018 semester, the organizers and Office of the Vice President will evaluate student feedback to determine the future of the project. The overwhelmingly positive response from students has already been incredibly beneficial to SRJ's case on this project and we're excited to launch the project this semester.

What products are we using?

In order to promote the multitude of causes and beliefs under the umbrella of reproductive justice, SRJ was conscious of choosing products not only better for those who menstruate but also for the environment. With the assistance of the Student Environmental Alliance, SRJ picked products that are more environmentally sustainable, reducing plastic waste by approximately 35% over traditional products.

Natracare products are made from natural materials, animal friendly and vegetarian approved, gynaecologist recommended, sustainably sourced, multi-award winning, certified organic AND Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).

Why pads and tampons?

As an organization, we understand the intersections between various aspects of one's identity and their ability to access care. With pads and tampons specifically, these goods are not only cost prohibitive but we would like to shift the general perception towards the idea that they are just as necessary as toilet paper, which an institution like a university readily provides free of charge. Additionally, we want these products to be readily available to all individuals that menstruate. Therefore, in our proposal we outlined the number of women's, men's, and gender neutral restrooms in which we want these products to be provided.