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Access to Contraception

  • Oral Contraception 
  • Condoms- external and internal
  • Depo Shot
  • IUDs


  • Lube
  • PReP
  • Dental Dams 

  • Plan-B
  • Ella
  • Paraguard IUD

Emergency Contraception

  • Comprehensive information on common STIs on the Wellness Center website
  • Free tests for common STDs and HIV daily

STI Testing and Care

  • Remove any reference or referrals to Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Provide a list of referrals to medically-licensed clinics and/or obstetricians, including but not limited to Planned Parenthood and Howard Brown Health Centers
  • Add Students for Reproductive Justice as a student resource
  • Add references for where students can receive abortions and how they can fund the procedure
  • Provide referrals to clinics that provide abortions and ensure student health insurance is accepted at these clinics

Wellness Center Changes