Humans of SRJ: Julia

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Photo by Zoa Glab

Julia McCauley

She, Her, Hers


Double major in political science and global (international) studies


I was frustrated with the lack of options the school provided for students to practice safe sex and didn't feel there was a mechanism within the school for me to change that. I knew the founding members of the org and helped start the group as a leader. 

Reproductive justice to me: means providing folks with the necessary resources, institutions, and structures for them to make the right decision for themselves over their reproductive health. It is intersectional in that I recognize the number of nuisances such as class, race, environment, etc, that can provide barriers or advantages for certain people's reproductive health over others.    

I'm really passionate about the intersection of environmental justice with reproductive justice and educating myself and those around me on the health implications our environment has on our reproductive system. 

 Future plans: I am graduating in May and hope to continue my organizing work within the Chicago community. My ultimate goal would to be a part of bring SRJ to the national stage and help other students like us create lasting change at their universities. 

Ideal: I want Loyola to provide unfettered reproductive healthcare to its students in all capacities.