Humans of SRJ: Leigh

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Photo by Zoa Glab

Leigh HaiTao

She, Her, Hers


Environmental Science

Organizer - Social Media and Graphic Design

I became involved in SRJ through a friend in my environmental science class who was already a member. 

Loretta Ross defines reproductive justice as the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social and economic wellbeing of women and girls based on the full achievement and protection of womens' human rights. To me, reproductive justice (RJ) is a basic human right to one’s bodily autonomy — being able to chose when, where, how and with who one wants to begin or expand a family with. RJ goes hand in hand with environmental justice (EJ), which seeks to reduce the inequitable environmental burdens borne by communities composed of people of color, indigenous groups and those living in economically disadvantaged areas. EJ and RJ bring attention to the right to access reproductive health - a topic involving both sexes because toxins in the environment can impact human fertility, increase risks during pregnancy and result in birth defects. 

I am passionate about the natural sciences and ALL the organisms inhabiting planet Earth. Due to the outrageously expanding human population, I believe the future of protein lies in the segmented bodies of our arthropod friends! Entomophagy, the practice of eating insects (especially by humans) is already happening all around the world but it is the “Western” perspective of disgust that limits people from expanding their palate and trying alternative sources of protein. Insects - I love them.  

My future plans involve graduating college, possibly going to grad school to further continue my education and hopefully getting employed in a field that deals with the environment and bugs/animals/human interactions. 

Ideally, I want Loyola University Chicago to be a higher education system that follows the Jesuit values it claims to already be practicing — this means treating employees/faculty in a just fashion and providing students with unbiased, comprehensive sexual healthcare.

The Humans of SRJ Project aims to familiarize the community within and surrounding Loyola with the various members that constitute Students for Reproductive Justice. The persons of SRJ radically organize with the collective goal of fostering an environment that is conscious and committed to actively promoting reproductive justice and all its implications.