Humans of SRJ: Amy

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Photo by Zoa Glab

Amy Al-Salaita



Poli sci and international studies w/ a minor in arabic language and culture


Born in Chicago, my two favorite things are dogs and coffee

I became involved in SRJ because after 8 years of going to private Catholic school and constantly having my body policed and being in a very sex-negative environment, SRJ finally gave me a place where I could be a radical activist and embrace the idea of sex positivity and engage with a group of radical feminists. SRJ actually gave me my first real sex-ed class!

To me, reproductive justice means proper, inclusive, and comprehensive sexual education and the empowerment of all types of people. 

Sexual education is an issue I’m particularly passionate about because it shouldn’t be a luxury—comprehensive and inclusive sexual education that teaches informed consent is imperative, especially for young people.

The Humans of SRJ Project aims to familiarize the community within and surrounding Loyola with the various members that constitute Students for Reproductive Justice. The persons of SRJ radically organize with the collective goal of fostering an environment that is conscious and committed to actively promoting reproductive justice and all its implications.