Humans of SRJ: Lauren

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Photo by Zoa Glab

Lauren Morrissey

She, Her, Hers


Political Science and Religious Studies


Born and raised in San Francisco CA and loves repro justice and corgis

I became involved in SRJ because I wasn’t sure how or where to direct my energy and passion for social change

I found my home and family in SRJ

Reproductive Justice is the ability to exercise your bodily autonomy and is connected to every single other form of social justice that I wish to change systematically

I am particularly interested in the tensions of the catholic church as an institution and reproductive justice, want to change faith and institutional structures to fully respect the human dignity of all folks regardless of race/religion/gender identity

 I hope to become lawyer for the center of reproductive justice and get my phd in poli sci!

The Humans of SRJ Project aims to familiarize the community within and surrounding Loyola with the various members that constitute Students for Reproductive Justice. The persons of SRJ radically organize with the collective goal of fostering an environment that is conscious and committed to actively promoting reproductive justice and all its implications.